Sunday, March 31, 2013

Supervisor Campos Ends SFO Name Change Effort

The big news coming this week from the Board of Supervisors is that a misguided, potentially costly and poorly-prepared effort to rename San Francisco International Airport has ended. Gay Supervisor David Campos, pictured, the politician behind the idea will release this statement first thing tomorrow morning:

After much consideration and listening to many constituencies since I introduced legislation in January to label SFO the Harvey Milk International Airport, I'm announcing the grounding and cancellation of the legislation.

With moderate and low income residents of my Mission district suffering displacement from rampant gentrification, recent gun-related crimes including a fatality involving a teenage student, unacceptably high levels of unemployment in the Latino/a community and a desperate need for affordable housing construction, my leadership is required to address those important and more pressing problems.

Even though the disappointment is deep that I am abandoning the new designation for SFO, legions of Harvey Milk admirers should appreciate and back my evolution of plans.

Renaming our local airport for this hero did generate ample LGBT and progressive enthusiasm and support, which has inspired me to change my name as the best and less expensive path for honoring this gay pioneer.

Last week, I was granted a legal personal name change by a judge in Superior Court, and as lawyer the process was a snap for me, and henceforth I will be known as David Campos-Milk. 

When I run for state Assembly next year, I will attract a high volume of votes from people who weren't alive and able to vote for him as was blazing a course of freedom in the 1970w. As voters head into the polling booths in 2014, their excitement marking the ballot next to my name will give them hope for equality. It will be just like voting for Harvey Milk.

And speaking of my bid for the Assembly seat now occupied by my friend Tom Ammiano, I've established an election committee for my 2014 race to serve in Sacramento. Please visit my new site and make sure you're registered to vote for me!

Yours in solidarity,
Supervisor David Campos-Milk

This is the most fab news I've heard from this politician in many moons.

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