Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Woof:
San Francisco Men on the Street #2

More male eye candy pleasing to my queer sensibilities. Photos taken in recent weeks around the Bay Area, and though I say "men on the street", I snap 'em where I see 'em!

Considering he was moving so quickly outside the BofA branch at Market and Van Ness, these four images do a smidgen of justice to the dude and his testosterone. No complaining about the blurry shots allowed.

Freshman Cal student Maxwell, who's working usher duties at the Pacific Film Archive.

This is Randy, who I spoke with outside the PFA after watching Alexei Guerman's Russian masterpiece "Khrustalyov, My Car!" on Saturday night. Randy said he had never seen Hitchcock's "The Birds" in a theater, so I gave him my ticket since the Russian film was plenty of cinema for one evening.

 Muscular calves on a young cyclist, snapped while riding a crowded Muni bus.

From the archive. Not sure when I took this photo of Liz Highleyman, longtime queer health writer and activist, and veteran black gay photographer Duane Cramer, but I needed an excuse to publish a photo of woofy Duane.

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