Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NOM's On-Site IRS 990s:
$1.2M Deficit Over Three Years

(Click to enlarge and read NOM's first page of their most current tax return, with the deficit data.)

I was surprised to see the National Organization for Marriage practices robust fiscal transparency. The NOM site contains their four most recent IRS 990s, something the eleven gay and AIDS organizations on this list refuse to do.

Let's go over NOM's reported deficits. In 2007 there was zero in the deficit column, for 2008 it was $410, in 2009 it was $103,500, and during 2010 the deficit ran a whopping $1,131,161. The cumulative deficits add up to $1,235,071. That's a lot of coin to lose.

Here's something I've not seen on any other IRS 990 for any nonprofit. On page one of the the current NOM return, in the assets column the figure listed is a negative $1,191,164. They have no assets to report to the IRS, which means no financial cushion. What's up with that?

Regarding the salary paid to NOM's executive director Brian Brown, he received $57,300 in 2007, $130,208 the next year, for 2009 the pay was $172,000 and in 2010 he was compensated $212,000. Brown's cumulative pay totals out to $571,508.

Click here to visit NOM's page for their IRS 990s, which are shown in the screengrab.

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