Monday, November 10, 2008

HRC Action Tonight in SF Over Prop 8 Loss

After all the hard work HRC did shoving gays back into the closet during the No on 8 campaign, and the other valuable things they did recently to get us out on the streets demanding gay equality, HRC is now giving the San Francisco community what it truly needs at this point as we pick ourselves after being knocked down by the voters.

It's HRC Spa Night! I tell you, just between us girls, there is nothing more to think about after one loses a gay marriage equality fight with CA voters than hitting an expensive spa, getting rejuvenated for the next HRC dinner and making a contribution to this fabulous group.

What's next? Get a face-lift and HRC gets 10% from the plastic surgeon, to fight the next ballot proposition? Purchase a Mercedes and the dealer gives a percentage of the sale to HRC?

One thing that is surely not next from HRC is an achievement of any significance for gay Americans.

What would happen to the gay movement and its quest for fairness and equality if we once and for all stopped giving even a dime to the worthless Democratic Party hacks burning through $40 million community dollars annually?

We'd be so much better off flushing HRC down the sewer.

This is the email invitation from HRC sent this morning:

From: Tom Floyd
Subject: Don't Miss Tonight's HRC Spa Night at Nickel Spa! (6-10 PM)
To: xxx
Date: Monday, November 10, 2008, 9:03 AM
HRC invites you to an evening of pampering and relaxation while you sip wine, snack on appetizers, and mingle with friends! We are proud to partner with Nickel Spa on this evening spa event.

Nickel Spa:
Services available to both men and women during our event. (receiving a service is not required/mandatory!)
Where: 2187 Market Street (15th and Market)
San Francisco, CA
(415) 626-9000

When: Monday November 10th, 2008
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Please RSVP to Nickel Spa for this event at: (415) 626-9000. When calling to RSVP, you will need to make an appointment for any services you would like to receive.

Note: There is a 50 person maximum for this event, you must be on the list to attend! Receiving a service is not required to attend.

20% of proceeds from spa services to benefit the Human Rights Campaign.

For all other event questions, call Tom Floyd at (408) 891-7846.

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

And they wonder why people call them the Human Rights Champagne.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think our community needs to be divided by people like you right now?? Take your bitterness about Prop 8 passing and put it to some good use.
And btw, what did you do to defeat it?

The Scientist's View said...

$4 million dollars on Prop 8- Hmmm.
Let's do a little math.

Divide $4M by how many gay people there are in California (let's be conservative and say 500K).

Math: 4,000,000/500,000=8.

EIGHT dollars per gay person. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

It is good and healthy to look at what did not work in the No on 8 campaign.

And I think that HRC's focus on $125 dinners, spa nights, and lobbying for EDNA is frustrating.

But we have also been in an era where conservatives have controlled the messaging and cultural ideology, really, since Reagan.

The shift away from conservatism towards liberalism has been emerging, slowly--but remember we only took back the House two years ago.

Now is the time to organize grassroots, netroots, and push our progressive agenda through.

I am not at all convinced that HRC is the right organization to do it. They seem too bound up in timid oppositional work.

But we should not spend much time attacking our allies. We should be following the lead of Join the Impact--organizing with all the tools at hand!

And for god's sake, if you were an HRC donor (whether 25 bucks or 500...), don't let your frustration seal up your wallet.

Find a group in your area, state, wherever that is doing the work and GIVE to them instead!