Wednesday, September 03, 2008

HRC Gave $10K to 'Republicans Who Care'

Funny, I don't recall a press release from the Human Rights Campaign or seeing anything on their blog about how their 527 organization, HRC Equality Votes, contributed a nice five-figure donation to the moderate Republicans Who Care group.

I would think a $10,000 donation from America's supposed bi-partisan gay political organization, would be something to shout about because it shows, to a very small degree, how it isn't totally beholden to the Democratic Party. But I can't expect the P.R. department at HRC to keep the gay community informed about every little donation they make to GOP groups in a tight election year, right?

Thanks to the records at, I now know that HRC Equality Votes not only made the $10,000 donation to the Republican group, but I also have learned, through this page that the donation was made on March 25, 2008.

Now what about the following the money and paper trail on Republicans Who Care? Well, they're affiliated with the Main Street Fund, another moderate GOP group, which in turn is linked to the Republican Main Street Partnership. The Republicans Who Care have a pitiful one-page web site that was last updated back in January.

On the expenditures page for the Main Street Fund, the records show that the group spent $180,000 for broadcast media costs, and the money was used to hire Response America, a direct marketing agency.

And how does Response America tout itself and its clients?:

Response America has served as the direct marketing agency for some of the most prestigious national and regional Republican and right-of-center accounts in recent years. Our direct marketing strategies have raised nearly $100 million and generated over 1,000,000 new donors for our clients.

Our breakthrough voter targeting techniques combined with our firm’s nationally renowned creative and strategic firepower deliver the right message to the right voters at the right time. We know how to persuade and mobilize voters to win on Election Day.
Who are some of their current clients?:

McCain for President 2008
Republican National Committee
National Republican Senatorial Committee
National Republican Congressional Committee
HRC donors must feel so good knowing the organization they support has provided gay dollars to any GOP organization this election season, and that the recipient group is linked to Republican efforts to election John McCain.

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