Saturday, March 17, 2007

HRC = HRC: Attack First, Answer Questions Never

This is so good I wish I had written it first:

Not that it matters to the HRC, who seem to be following the model of their patron saints, the Clintons: attack first, answer questions never.
Check out Christian Boone's gay contrarian blog from Atlanta for more of his political insight.
And to see how Slippery Hillary is thus far ignoring gay issues on her official exploratory committee's web site, click here to view the omission of any gay speeches, oh, like the one she recently made to the HRC leaders in Washington. Maybe both HRCs can't afford to get her speech transcribed and posted on their respective sites. And then go here to find gay matters missing from her press release archive.
You think our friends at HRC are asking HRC to include her speeches and positions on gays where lots of American voters will look -- her own site?

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