Tuesday, February 14, 2017

National Park Service: No Trump Emails for Inauguration Pics

My FOIA request earlier this month for any and all emails from the EOP.gov domain, belonging to the Executive Office of the President, to the National Park Service from January 20, 2017, to the present.

I was thinking that even though Donald Trump telephoned the NPS for photographic proof of enormous crowds at his inauguration, he or others at the White House must have emailed the NPS about the matter.

Heck, I would think since the inauguration that the folks with EOP.gov email addresses would have been in touch with the park's folks about something.

The response from the NPS yesterday states:

"A search of the emails for the staff in the National Park Service Director's office returned no responsive records. Should you consider this NO RECORDS response to be a denial of your request, you have the right to appeal."

I wouldn't be surprised if the folks running the White House are not using an official addy when communicating with the NPS or other federal agencies. Better that way to avoid scrutiny via FOIA requests.

That, or maybe the officials just haven't figured out how to set up email accounts and use them, as required by federal laws, to communicate.

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