Friday, February 10, 2017

National & Global Attn: Trump Pinata & 9th Circuit's Decision

Resisting Fake President 45 takes many forms and I wish to encourage experienced hands and emerging direct democracy to be creative.

Join a group with a committee structure, attend a large rally, write emails and letters, and also consider putting yourself in front of cameras and reporters.

I'm experiencing tremendous satisfaction knowing images of my #TrumpNever pinata, with the text TRUMP and KKK easy to read on it, outside where the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals conducts judicial matters, are getting before the eyeballs of the Trump White House.

You too can also generate this sort of mainstream press and social media attention. Act up and resist Trump, please.

The Associated Press

The Atlanta Journal & Constition

Bloomberg News

French site of Getty Images

Honduras' El Heraldo

Jordan's Al Bawaba

Lebanon's Ya Libnan

The Los Angeles Times

The New York Times

The San Francisco Examiner

Malaysia's The Sun Daily

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