Monday, February 27, 2017

After weeks of being strung along by Feinstein's office regarding the potential of her or her aide holding town halls, we're no closer to one happening now than back in January.

That is why Ben and I are shifting tactics and location for pressuring her local staffers to get with the direct democracy program. This note was emailed this afternoon to these addresses:;;;;;

FYI, her state director served on the Board of Supervisors before continuing his public service career with the senator. When and if we hear back from him, we'll share the info. Here's our letter:

State Director
Sen. Feinstein's Office
San Francisco, CA

Dear Sean Elsbernd,

Over the past six weeks, we have attempted two-way communication with you regarding our demands that Sen. Feinstein hold town halls, and since she's unwilling to do so, for you to organize weekly open meeting for we, the constituents.

Unfortunately, our emails, vmails and snail-mailed messages have not prompted you to engage in conversation with us.

We are tired of waiting more than 26-years for Feinstein to engage in direct democracy via town halls and it's unacceptable that you have not seen fit to rectify the lack of town halls.

Our disappointment on Friday, when Feinstein at her PPIC conversation hinted she might hold such an event during the next recess but gave no date or location for it, was kicking the proverbial democratic can down the road. This is unacceptable to us.

These are some of the reasons we will stage a town hall at your home at 75 Molimo Street this Sunday, March 5th.

We are quite willing to cancel the speak out at your residence this weekend, should you put in writing that you are committed to organizing weekly town halls and announce a date, time and place in San Francisco for the first listening session with constituents.

Our deadline for receiving such written commitments is the close of business on Tuesday, February 28.

We request that you acknowledge receipt of this letter by the close of business today, Monday, February 27.

Your prompt attention and response are appreciated and anticipated, in the spirit of direct democracy between the Senator and we, her constituents.

Best regards,
Ben Becker and Michael Petrelis
The People's Town Hall Project

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