Wednesday, March 02, 2016

SOTF Hearing: DA Gascon vs SFPD Over Public Records

Over the years, ambitious political animal and corrupt district attorney George Gascon has blown off complaints against him with the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force for failing to comply with open govt laws, and the SOTF has repeatedly found him non-compliant on several matters.

In July 2015, members of the task force voted unanimously to find that "District Attorney George Gascon and the Office of the District Attorney violated Administrative Code (Sunshine Ordinance), Sections 67.25 (a) and 67.29-5, by failing to respond to an Immediate Disclosure Request in a timely and/or complete manner and failure to maintain a daily calendar wherein is records the time and place of each meeting or event attended." The very things he accuses the police department of!

The most recent SOTF annual report states Gascon "has failed to respond to any referral for enforcement from the Task Force, including a failure to provide any explanation to the Task Force or the underlying complainant." So much for the DA upholding sunshine laws.

Gascon has retained the services of the Mung, Tolles and Olson law firm to file public records requests with the San Francisco Police Department, for documents related to cop misconduct and the DA's blue ribbon panel probing the SFPD. He can't be bothered to comply with records requests himself or enforce sunshine laws, but hypocrisy doesn't stop Gascon from now using those laws and the SOTF to further his political agenda.

The SOTF meets today, Wednesday, March 2, starting at 4 pm in Room 408 at City Hall and item nine on the agenda is about a lawyer from Mung, Tolles and Olson, acting on Gascon's behalf, alleging the SFPD has violated open govt laws.

The firm submitted a 120-page brief to the SOTF, which is the first time Gascon or anyone acting on his orders, has submitted such a voluminous record to the task force.

Today's meeting might be an interesting smackdown between the SFPD and DA.

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