Sunday, March 27, 2016

Colorful Mike + Mike = Happy Easter Y'all!

Greetings from San Francisco on what can be accurately described as a Liza Minnelli infused day - totally fabulous, full of sunshine and gloriously diverse people, including Mike and Mike.

This June, we hit the 21st year of meeting up and shaking up in very enjoyable sin. My decades of life with Mike are my biggest personal life-accomplishment. What a terrific dude I partnered with!

Remember to boycott North Carolina over it's LGBT bigotry and until such time as the anti-transgender bathroom law is repealed and consigned to the ash heap of homo-history.

Wishing everyone pleasures and blessing of the season, whatever you're celebrating - Purim, Holi, Easter, Spring Equinox - we share in your happiness and beauty!

Activism and love equal life, and my Mikey, are my reasons for glory and peace today. What and who are driving your pleasures today?

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