Sunday, March 20, 2016

Asian & Latin Press: SF Protest Against GOP's Trump

In addition to local mainstream and ethnic TV news coverage on Tuesday for our small rally at the San Francisco office tower partially owned by Donald Trump, and beaucoup social media attention, we also generated terrific online coverage from Asian and Latin press outlets.

The widely-read World Journal's reporter Guan Wenjie wrote in Chinese about the action and provided his Asian news outlet with an image showing Jeffrey Kwong holding his "Asians Against Trump" poster, surrounded by other activists. Wenjie's story and photo are posted here.

This photo was snapped by Alejandro Galicia Diaz, who also wrote a good story for the El Tecolote news site, which attracts a large audience of Latinos and others:

"On March 15, a small group of protesters gathered outside of the former world headquarters of Bank of America—the skyscraper at 555 California St., which is now 30 percent owned by The Trump Organization—to object to Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy

"The demonstration took place on “Super Tuesday,” a day where the five states of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Florida, all held their Democratic and Republican primaries. [...]

"'We came out today because today is Super Tuesday in many states and we’re very nervous that Donald Trump is going to secure the GOP nomination for president,' said Michael Petrelis, who was draped in a rainbow flag and carrying a piƱata of Trump. 'And we’re here to say ‘Racist, sexist, KKK, Donald Trump, go away.'" [...]

"It all started in June of last year in New York when Trump stood in front of a large crowd to announce his candidacy. In his speech, he boomed that his goal was to 'Make America great again,' but also insulted many with his comments regarding Mexican immigrants."

All I have to say after our protest and resultant attention is: Dump Trump!

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John Iversen said...

loverly. let me know of the protests Michael. I think we should ask Trump to make more fun of disabled people!