Sunday, September 13, 2015

Willie Brown Institute Received Only $4,000 in Last Fiscal Year

Seems like tough times for the vanity charity known as the Willie L. Brown Institute on Politics and Public Service, according to this 501(c)3 nonprofit's last IRS tax filing for fiscal year 2013.

Only $4,000 was received in 2013, a steep drop from the $291,000 that filled the coffers in the previous fiscal year.

Corrupt lobbyist and power-broker, former San Francisco mayor and society columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, Brown had to drip into the institute's assets to cover the $104,000 in expenses incurred during 2013.

Over the last three years, Brown has filed his institute's 990 with the IRS in either April or May, but for 2015 no tax report was filed. Most likely, that is due to Brown not receiving the minimum donation requiring the filing of a 990.

What public good, yeah right, or exactly what purpose this institute served is not explained at its web site. Anyone know if the institute still exists?

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