Thursday, September 17, 2015

SF Ex Op-Ed Writers = All Male Club

There's Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, Joel P. Engardio, Nato Green, Stuart Schuffman, Kelly Dessaint and Paul Drexler.

Seven male writers privileged with a weekly op-ed column in the San Francisco Examiner. Not one female writer is given any opinion space in the paper. Regarding racial composition, as far as I know, none of the men are African-American and only one is half Latino. What's up with that?

The current crop of GOP presidential contenders, on the other hand, includes an African-American and one woman candidate.

Pretty strange, don't you agree, that the freaking field of Republican wannabe successors to Barack Obama is more diverse on the gender and black spectrum than one of San Francisco's dailies?

If the Examiner's editor want this white male news consumer's advice, here it is. Radically diversify your line-up of daily opinion writers and better reflect the news audience in the City.

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