Friday, September 18, 2015

Is the Lawsuit Against SF Pride Moving Forward?

The email below came my way recently and reminded me that SF Pride is being sued over safety and security issues.

While I have no patience anymore for SF Pride b.s. like Parade-Manager-For-Life Marsha Levine's ignorance about the bloat of her contingent line-up and 7-hour plus parade, corporate dominance of it all and members not running the membership committee among many concerns, I'm also not interested in dealing with a lawyer in Los Angeles and his client suing the organization.

Frankly, even if I weren't in phase-one of my recovery from stomach bypass surgery, I would  have no desire to give up any time to an attorney on such a matter. He can find his own battle with SF Pride, if there really is absolutely no other way to address what allegedly happened to his client and not take up my time.

I wonder if the lawsuit is moving forward and expect to read reporting in the Bay Area Reporter if that is the case, and I haven't seen such coverage of late. Here's the entire email in question:

"Hello Mr. Petrelis,

"I hope this email finds you well. I am an attorney in Los Angeles, and you may have heard about my client, Trevor Gardner, who has brought an action against San Francisco Pride arising from the shooting which occurred at the event in 2013.

"I have read portions of your blog and see that you have written prolifically on the subject of safety at Pride. I would be grateful for an opportunity to speak with you at some point. Judging by your blog, I assume you will be recovering from surgery this week.

"I look forward to hearing from you when you are able. In the meantime, best wishes with your recovery. 

"Very truly yours, Joshua Herr"

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