Thursday, June 17, 2010

SF Town Hall Tonite, 7pm, Unitarian Church:

Wither Gay Activism?

Self-described uppity fag Patrick Connors, a San Francisco-based writer and activist, has a blogging gig with the SF Weekly, and he recently criticized the latest addition to the Gay Inc world, the GetEQUAL org, at his blog. Out his post has come a town hall meeting with, granted, not enough advance time to properly get the word out, and that will serve as a strategy session for a more organized town hall.

I'm supporting Connors' effort because if there is one city America that desperately needs a discussion about Gay Inc, our officially-designated leaders and the slowness of political change at many level, it is San Francisco.

Here's his announcement with the facts about tonight's event. Come on by and participate, or give Connors some praise and encouragement, if you can't make it, through email or phone. His contact info is below:

This was sent to BAR, Advocate, Queerty, Towleroad, Courage Campaign, Bay Times, and a version of it with the invite was posted on the FB walls of Courage and EQCA and Get Equal.

Date: Thursday, June 17, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Unitarian Universalist church
Street: 1187 Franklin Street (at Geary)
City/Town: San Francisco, CA

An overdue Town Hall meeting addressing LGBT concerns will be held this week in San Francisco. With many national issues in the news (DADT repeal, ENDA legislation and potential immigration reform that should include our community) as well as local developments (closing arguments in Prop 8 trial, the decision on the case, and the impending campaign to repeal Prop 8) we can no longer wait for our advocacy organizations and/or political leaders to make plans to address the general public.

This will hopefully be the first of many regularly scheduled Town Hall meetings to be held giving the general public the opportunity to address LGBT advocacy groups.

The idea for this meeting originated in a column at The Snitch, SF Weekly's blog, in response to the criticisms levied against Get Equal.

In the comments of the blog Robin McGehee from Get Equal mentions that she will be in attendance at the Town Hall. This meeting will be an opportunity for the general public to hear directly from McGehee about the recent reports on Get Equals funding and structure.

I hope you will be able to provide some coverage of this event on the day following the closing arguments from the Prop 8 trial.

Please contact me if I can provide more information. Thank you.

Contact Person: Patrick Connors
Telephone Number: (415) 350-0414
Email Address: patrick_connors (at)

Thanks, Patrick, for taking on this important initiative.

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