Wednesday, June 02, 2010

HIV Drug Induces Blogging Hiatus

The recent new mix of drugs in my AIDS cocktail has produced some excellent lab results, but the serious side effects of one medicine have kicked my butt and head. My doctor and support network agree with me: time to stop Truvada. It's the likely culprit causing the problems, and so my cocktail evolves yet again.

Just a few reasons why my blogging has been so light for about ten days, and why I'll keep to an intermittent blogging routine. Emailing and commenting are enough, for me right now.

The new HIV stats for California, the White House making visitor logs even more confusing and user-un-friendly, pushing the FBI and NIH to release the files and contracts I've requested, can all wait.

But I do have time to say thanks to Rick Rosendall of Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance in DC, for publicizing and endorsing my post calling for the White House to honor gay pioneer Frank Kameny with the Medal of Freedom.

And time to also share a comment from gay legal eagle Dale Carpenter, who is on this medal-for-Kameny bandwagon, and sums up so fabulously part of the importance of what this honor would mean: "It would be nice to have our government say that our only gay heroes aren't the dead ones."

Well, I've got a new three-speed bike to break in, the San Francisco weather is gorgeous and I'm not only on a mini-drug vacation, but also a hiatus from my blog. Catchya later, alligator.


jtdeshong said...

Could you elaborate on the side effects you are experiencing from Truvada when you resume blogging?

The AIDS Denialists are already exploiting your post here as a way to claim that HIV Meds are toxic and are not useful.

Thank you,

Michael said...

hello JTD,

no, i won't give out more info on my health and experiences with truvada. if the aids deniers wanna have a discussion over how i wasn't able to tolerate truvada, let 'em have the debate.

the other aids drugs in my cocktail are tolerable and not causing noticeable side effects, while producing good numbers for me.

i'm feeling fine w/o blogging and researching and writing posts, and curious about what queer pride (and profit) will look like in SF this year.


Scott Graham said...

Best wishes and hopes for a speedy (and healthy) return.