Wednesday, December 09, 2009

SF 'Unity With Ugandan Gays' Vigil;
Dec 10, Human Rights Day

(Pillar at UN Plaza, near the water fountain.)

On Thursday, December 10, Human Rights Day commemorated around the globe, gay activists in San Francisco will hold a vigil for Uganda's gay community as they struggle to stop homophobic political and religious leaders pushing a draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill.
WHO: Gays Without Borders/SF

WHAT: Vigil, speak out, display of placards and a rainbow flag

WHEN: December 10

WHERE: Uganda Lamp Post/Pillar, UN Plaza, Market Street, Near 7th Street

TIME: 12 noon - 12:30 PM

"San Francisco's status as the city where the United Nations was chartered demands that gays here work in solidarity for our brothers and sisters in Uganda," said community organizer Gary Virginia. "Gay Ugandan people are being targeted for stigma and discrimination, with shameful assistance from American Christians. We call upon President Barack Obama and his State Department to forcefully fight to defend the human rights and dignity of Uganda's gay citizens."

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