Thursday, March 27, 2008

Polish TV Flying US Gay Couple to Warsaw
I received word tonight from Tomasz Szypula, spokesman for the Campaign Against Homophobia, one of Poland's gay political organizations, that Brendan Fay and Tom Moulton, the US gay couple whose wedding is being used by Poland's president to spread hate and fear of same-sex loving people, are traveling to Warsaw this weekend.

To get more information on their trip, I called Brendan at home. He gave me the scoop. He have been invited by a Polish TV network to come and appear on a program, all expenses paid by the network. Brendan and Tom touch down in Warsaw on Saturday morning.

In addition to being guests on the TV show, they will be meeting with gay activists and with the staff of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights,
and also attending church.

I think just the fact that Polish TV is picking up the tab to bring a gay married couple from the US to Warsaw to address the president's outrageous demonizing of their wedding vows will be news, but if it isn't, I'm sure the press will be mightily interested in covering gays, both Polish and Irish-American, going to Catholic church. Maybe I'm wrong about this, but I don't think there are many openly gay Catholics participating in worship services in Warsaw.

To reach Brendan and Tom during their trip, use this email address: . And I'm working on getting the cell phone numbers of Polish gays who speak English and will be networking with the couple, so bloggers and reporters can speak with them and write about all the actions that will be happening over the weekend.

The US couple return home on Wednesday, and will surely get much-needed rest after a whirlwind trip to Europe, standing in solidarity with Polish gays on the streets and in the churches and legislative chambers.

A word about Lukasz Palucki, the young gay activist in the photo below. He's been a enthusiastic organizer in the demonstrations for Iranian gays and other calls for global gay advocacy. He send thanks to all who've expressed solidarity with gays in his country. Lukasz is a committed and dynamic human rights supporter who needs our support. Click here and visit his blog.

[UPDATE: March 28]

An email arrived overnight from a Polish gay leader who speaks English, providing me with his phone number, which is the contact phone number for Brendan and Tom, during their Warsaw visit. I'm honored to play a small role in making this weekend a success for the Polish gay community.

My name is Greg Czarnecki from the Campaign Against Homophobia. I'm working together with Tomek Szypula on the "issue" related to Fay, the presidential address and Fay's visit to Poland.

I want to thank you for writing your piece on your blog about us. Please feel free to contact me as well on this issue as we imagine we'll have a very busy and action-packed days ahead of us!


Phone: +48 504 503 527

Gregory Czarnecki
Koordynator projektu/Project Coordinator
Monitoring Dyskryminacji Osób LGBT w Polsce/Monitoring LGBT Discrimination in PL
Kampania Przeciw Homofobii/Campaign Against Homophobia


Anonymous said...

show some respect, while I'm sure you find it amusing to refer to him as "Brenda", it really doesn't further your cause.

Michael said...

Sheesh. It was a typo, which I've corrected.

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Don't you hate these sorts of misunderstandings?!