Sunday, February 17, 2008

Video: Shredding SF DPH Rejection
of Swiss Paper
The author of the SF DPH rejection statement over the Swiss HIV transmission paper, Grant Colfax, was a last-minutes addition as co-chair of the CDC-mandated HIV prevention planning council on February 14.
Despite a request from me that DPH provide copies of the English version of the Swiss report to every member of the council, along with the DPH rejection statement, neither document was distributed at the council meeting.
Oh, well. So much for DPH/AIDS Inc meeting the needs of the local affected community, crying out for a public debate on the Swiss report.
The powers-that-be not only kept the report out of the hands of the council members, except for remarks during public comment, nothing of substance was said by Colfax or members. The man who made this YouTube video, Ken Hodnett didn't exclude comments by Colfax on the Swiss report because none were made.
By the way, pay attention to the fidgeting white man in a dark sweater on the panel behind me. That is Grant Colfax.
Don't you just love how "community planning" in San Francisco means DPH and AIDS Inc bureaucrats control the planning process, won't openly discuss their unilateral decisions made behind closed doors and would rather eat nails than say anything about the Swiss paper?

You can view more of Ken Hodnett's coverage of gay political life in San Francisco at his YouTube page.

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nadia's noodlings said...

Wonderful youtube! I love seeing you in action! Thank you for shedding light on this important issue and speaking up by any means necessary! You are a hero Micheal Petrelis.