Tuesday, August 08, 2006

UK TV Video: Iraqi Gays, Child Prostitutes Targeted for Death

The report from the UK's More4 News station about the often deadly problems faced by gays and children forced into prostitution for survival in Iraq, which was written up over the weekend in The Observer, has now been posted on the TV station's web site.

Exiled gay Iraqis living in London are interviewed, details about gays and minors executed by the militias, along with photos of the gays before they were murdered, are part of the TV report.

And More4 News' correspondent Jennifer Copestake also shows a frightening clip from earlier this year, broadcast on Al Jazeera TV, in which a leading Iraqi Muslim cleric endorsed killing and burning gays. I blogged about this back in May.

Click here for the video report, then scroll down for the link to the segment.

If I had my way, this important news account would air on American TV news channels, from local broadcasts to the networks and also all of the cable news channels.

(Photo credit: More4 News. Video image of an Iraqi homosexual being attacked.)

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beervolcano said...

And I've heard from reputable sources that Iraqis no longer have to live in fear.