Friday, March 10, 2017

Office of Govt Ethics: About's Emails . . .

My recent FOIA request for copies of all emails the senior managers at the Office of Government Ethics received or sent from anyone using the domain since Team Trump was installed in the Executive Office of the President on January 20th generated a response yesterday.

They are "taking a 10 working day extension of time to respond . . . in order to consult with another agency having a substantial interest in the determination of the request. Accordingly, you may expect our reply by March 22, 2017."

Since the OGE FOIA officer was vague about if there are actual responsive public records and was coy about the identification of that other agency, I replied asking her to be more definitive.

They emailed this answer today: "Good morning, OGE anticipates consulting with EOP component agencies on responsive emails originating from those agencies. Thank you."

Sounds to me like pertinent records were located and need vetting by the Executive Office of the President, actually, a few components with that office must be consulted.

We'll see what the next response from OGE says after they've heard from the EOP leaders.

I must point out the OGE, like the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, were able to search for email exchanges with the domain but the FBI, with it's vast cyber-technology capabilities claims they can't perform a similar search of their senior managers' emails. That needs to be addressed by the like of the ACLU and Electronic Frontier Foundation and their ilk with more resources than I possess.

Stay tuned and do American democracy a yuge favor - file a FOIA today!

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