Monday, January 11, 2016

SOTF: Petrelis vs SF Police & Vice Mayor Kawa Today

There's been expedited processing of two of my recent complaints lodged with the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, compared with other complaints to this vital San Francisco agency and one that long ago ought to be aired on SFGovTV.

In November, after requesting a few months' of Vice Mayor Steve Kawa's calendar and learning that the Mayor's Office has a two-week retention policy of public records before they are permanently destroyed and public inspection of them impossible, I filed my complaint. The mayor's reply above shocked me.

How the heck did we get to the point where City Hall and mayoral records are tossed into the ash heap and reduced to nothingness, every two weeks? An answer should be told at the SOTF hearing today, Monday, January 11, at 4 pm at City Hall in Room 408.

My second complaint to be heard is against the police department for refusing to accept a request for public records made via Twitter. The SFPD operates dozens of official City-funded profile, yet lacks clear or written social media policies. Given that tweets are written communication, that should be enough to kick in sunshine laws when requesting public records through Twitter and other social media. 

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