Monday, April 13, 2015

Pacific Film Archive's Packed 'In the Mood for Love' Screening

My cinematic bucket list nicked off the 48th movie on Sight & Sound's 50 top greatest films of all time list. Proud to say I've seen each of those forty-eight movies in a theater and not on DVD or a monitor. Only two more flicks on Sight & Sound's list for me to see.

Last Wednesday, April 9, I caught Wong Kar-wai's lushly photographed and extremely pleasurable "In the Mood for Love" with dozens of regular costume changes for ultra-glam Maggie Cheung.

The newly-struck 35mm print I saw at the Pacific Film Archive seemed on the big screen to have just come from the processing lab, it was so fresh and luminous. The house was packed, with a decent number of under-30s in the audience.

Another hope-for-cinema episode at our cherished PFA, with an excellent choice unspooling on the silver screen and an appreciative audience watching Kar-wai make his movie-magic.

Don't let the fact that "In the Mood for Love" is on this important film-lovers list or hails from Hong Kong with subtitles deter you from seeing it. A fine, humorous and humane thwarted love tale, with terrific acting and an intriguing awaits you. See it!

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