Thursday, February 05, 2015

Gays to Protest at SF Archbishop's Wedding Mass 

Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activist community of the Bay Area upset over recent bigoted remarks and policies promulgated by San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone will gather outside St. Mary's Cathedral on Saturday, Feb. 21 at 10 am to condemn the homophobia of the Catholic Church.

We are gravely displeased the conservative Cordileone this week implemented morality clauses in a faculty handbook for archdiocesan school teachers that demonizes LGBT people, extramarital sex, masturbation and erotic materials.

The date and time of February 21 at 10 AM for our peaceful picket outside St. Mary's was chosen because that is when Cordileone will be celebrating a mass for heterosexual married couples marking 5-year anniversaries.

On the public sidewalk in front of the cathedral at Geary and Gough Streets, we will express our genuine fabulousness as proud LGBT people, stage a kiss-in, sing our anthem "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and wave an enormous rainbow flag.

All persons unhappy with the San Francisco Archdiocese's discriminatory actions and words are invited to join the protest. More details to be provided later. Please share this info on social media.

(Where did you get those extravagant gloves and do they match your shoes, Salvatore?)


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this looks more like the actions of an agent provocateur than someone who is really trying to get behind and support the students here. As a practicing Roman Catholic and a parent of a student at an affected school, do realize that you may do more harm than good with this.

Unknown said...

The agent provocateur in this case is again Cordileone. We LGBT people will be outside the cathedral to stand up for ourselves and call for an end to the church demonizing us.

mcassidy5 said...

While this issue certainly affects the LGBT community, it also affects many others (not least, the teachers, students and their families). It seems to me that the focus of protests might more effectively be focused on Archbp. Cordileone's failure to follow Catholic teachings about labor (e.g., no consultation or negotiations regarding a substantial change in work conditions) and the documents of Vatican II. Also, among other things, the language enshrines certain theological opinions which are not at the heart of Catholic belief, and which could change at any time. Should people be fired for disagreeing with theological opinions? Clearly not.
IMHO it would be a tactical mistake to turn this into solely an LGBT issue. It could divide the opposition and unfavorably influence public opinion. Instead, use the broadest possible basis for opposition.