Thursday, September 10, 2009

UK Consul Murdered in Jamaica:
Was He Gay?

This story set off a few alarms for me, because the sketchy details released so far about the tragic death of John Terry have echoes of the brutal murders and attacks carried out against gays and transgender persons in recent years in Jamaica. It is speculation on my part that this case is an anyway a gay-related death, and of course, regardless of the victim's sexual orientation, his murder is deplorable.

The Times of London reports Terry was separated from his wife at the time of his killing, a fact that argues against this case being gay-related, still, I believe it's important to ask the question: Was he gay? This potential factor should be addressed by Jamaican police conducting the investigation.

From the Times:

A British honorary consul has been found murdered at his home in Montego Bay, Jamaica, police said today.

John Terry, who was also a justice of the peace, had been beaten and his throat was tied with cord and a piece of clothing. His body was found in his yard yesterday afternoon by his neighbours.

Deputy Superintendent Michael Garrick told the Gleaner newspaper that preliminary investigations had revealed no sign of forced entry. He said that a note had been found on the victim's bed, but would not divulge the details.

Mr Terry, a 65-year-old from New Zealand, had lived in Jamaica since 1967 and represented the British High Commission on the Caribbean island’s western end and around the busy tourist resort of Montego Bay.

He is believed to have lived alone in his house after separating from his wife. [...]

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