Friday, June 15, 2007

Where Are Ed Jew's Mug Shots?

Today's Ed Jew question: Where are his mug shots from Tuesday night when he turned himself in to the Burlingame Police Department?

I haven't seen his booking photos anywhere in the San Francisco media or on the web, three days after surrounding to the authorities. I know there are mug shots because the Burlingame Police Department press release says for copies of them, one should contact the SF District Attorney's Office.

A few minutes ago, I emailed Deb Mesloh, public information officer for the SF DA, requesting Jew's mug shots, in electronic format.

Let's see how quickly she gets me copies of those pictures. By the way, the SF DA has not posted any the photos on her site, nor is any mention made of them in DA Kamala Harris' news release.

From the Burlingame Police Department release:

Mr. Jew’s arrest, booking, and subsequent release on bail took place without incident. For further information about Mr. Jew’s arrest, booking photos, criminal charges, and bail amount, contact the San Francisco District Attorney’s office.

The Burlingame Police Department will not be releasing further information.

Commander Bradley D. Floyd
Services, Investigations Division
Burlingame Police Department
1111 Trousdale Dr.
Burlingame CA. 94010
So where are the mug shots already? From NBC 11 News:

Burlingame police Sgt. Jeff Downs said Jew posted 10 percent, or $13,500 bail. The remaining 90 percent was posted through a bail bonds agency, Downs said. Jew's mug shot would be released later, he said.

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