Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Woodward Paid $25K for Nov. Talk to Resort Developers

The Washington Post just isn't paying poor Bob Woodward enough money these days for his services. The poor man has taken to shaking his begging bowl with the Speakers Platform agency of San Francisco.

Woodward collects anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000, maybe more given his celebrity status, when anyone hires him through the agency.

Why, nearly two weeks ago he addressed the fall conference of the American Resort Development Association in Washington.

The ARDA web site had this to say about his talk
: "Bob Woodward, Assistant Managing Editor of the Washington Post and the national best selling author of non-fiction with nine number-one best sellers, effectively used words to paint a portrait of the events facing the U.S. and how the decisions being made in the White House today will set the future course for our nation and other nation’s [sic] around the world."

Is it really necessary for an assistant managing editor of the Washington Post to hire himself out to address resort developers and their lobbyists, in order to survive?

Be sure read the Post's article today on the headaches Woodward is causing the paper these days.

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