Friday, October 03, 2014

Wiener Blows Off The Living Wage Coalition
By Todd Swindell and Michael Petrelis

The incumbent District 8 Supervisor has a campaign team of handsomely compensated political consultants and a key task for them is answering the many questionnaires that flood all candidates.

Our DIY Democracy team behind #VotePetrelis would welcome the resources to respond to all groups, political blogs and newspapers seeking our views on various concerns, but we believe we chose wisely which questionnaires to address or not.

The San Francisco Living Wage Coalition is one group we very much support and we made sure to get them a response by their deadline, and stick to their word-limit.

Yesterday, their voter guide arrived on paper via snail mail and we're proud to say ours was the only campaign to fully address all ten of the coalition's questions. The overwhelmingly number of replies were simple yes or no answers.

But the most surprising aspect was seeing that Scott Wiener just blew off the coalition's concerns and didn't respond. What does that say about his agenda to pay working folks a wage they can live on?

If you're pissed off, #VotePetrelis!

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