Sunday, October 12, 2014

#VotePetrelis is Top Listing on November Ballot
By Todd Swindell and Michael Petrelis

The Department of Elections has posted the sample ballot for District 8 voters and in the Supervisorial race we're at the top of the list.

Until we looked at the sample ballot today, we had no idea the random lottery that determines the line up made us the first name out of all the candidates.

Let's hope this ranking gets us a few extra votes this election season.

All District 8 voters who are voting for Petrelis should consider this strategy to make their vote carry as much weight as possible in our ranked-choice voting system.

Make Petrelis your number one choice and leave your second and third choice columns completely blank, and you'll be giving an extra boost to us.

Given that the incumbent, barring a miraculous upset that is highly unlikely, will get 50% plus 1 of the first round of votes, the Department of Elections won't be counting second or third choices.

Whether voting by mail, at City Hall or at your local polling station, really make your vote for Petrelis count this election and vote only for us in the first column.

We'd appreciate it if you'd do us this important act of exercising your right to vote and using that vote to send a powerful message of dissatisfaction with the incumbent and his policies and legislative agenda.

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