Friday, January 10, 2014

Anti-Tenant, Homeless Demonizer D8 Supervisor Attending Activist Confab

Back in December, I blogged about the very important Castro Tenants Convention taking place tomorrow, Saturday, January 11 from noon until 2 pm at the gay community center on Market at Octavia.

As renters, my life-mate Mike and I are like so many other longterm AIDS survivors and other renters in that we live in fear of facing an eviction.

It had been my hope to attend the convention and organize with fellow renters, progressive folks, people living with AIDS and low income seniors, looking to craft plans to fight the City Hall politicians and others either creating policies displacing thousands or only pay lip service to addressing the eviction epidemic.

I learned tonight that a prime anti-renter, anti-tenant and homeless demonizing politician, yes, none other the District 8 Supervisor himself has stated publicly he will be attending the convention. Oh, well. This means I will be staying far, far away from the meeting because of the vendetta and restraining order San Francisco's Chris Christie exacted against me through abuse of his elected office and putting me through the criminal justice grinder.

Let's pray good plans are made tomorrow. I'll be watching social media and speaking with friends in attendance afterward to learn what transpired.

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