Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stop Wiener's Attack on 
Historical Preservation in San Francisco

Here's one more example of Scott Wiener's politics of polarization without nearly enough effort on his part to compromise and find common ground with stakeholders beyond his circle of donors and backers.

This note is from Suzanne Ruecker who is a member of the Harvey Milk Democratic Club. Kudos to her and the club for keeping tabs on what the Castro's supervisor is devising to dilute excellent preservation policies in San Francisco.

Ruecker asks that everyone write a letter in opposition to all of the planning commissioners, listed below followed by their addys in cut-and-paste format with an addy for the Heritage Society because they are tracking emails going to the commissioners.

Key points to stress: the commission should retain the Historic Preservation Committee's Articles 10 and 11, oppose Wiener's amendments that would impose unique procedural hurdles on the designation of historic districts, oppose Wiener's proposal to exempt residential projects "for households of 150% or less than median income" from historic review requirements based on "economic hardship".

The commissioners:
President Ron Miguel
Michael J. Antonini
Gwyneth Borden
Kathrin Moore
Hisashi Sugaya
Rodney Fong

Their addys:

Here's Ruecker's message:

I just wanted to update you on the ongoing struggle with Wiener's amendments to the Planning Code. The current incarnation of his amendments still threaten historic preservation, and they give renters no voice in the process of creation of a historic district.

Public comment on the issue will take place this Thursday sometime after 1:30pm.

Action Alert: Planning Commission to Consider Supervisor Wiener's Amendments to Planning Code
When: Thursday, February 2nd. Item to be considered after 1:30pm.
Where: City Hall, Commission Chambers, Room 400
What: Write a letter or make a public comment!

The Planning Commission is considering amendments to the city's Planning Code, including a series of controversial amendments introduced by Supervisor Wiener that would give renters no voice in the historic preservation process and create undue obstacles in the creation of historic districts.
Please plan on attending this hearing to strengthen the voice of preservation of historic San Francisco. Visit http://sfheritage.org/SFAHtalkingpointsPC_Feb2hearing.pdf for more information and talking points, or to email the commission. For more information, contact Suzanne at sruecker@gmail.com.

Do you think you'll be able to make it? An email to the commissioners will be the next best thing, but bodies are extremely important! Do you have anyone else you can turnout, or can you push this to your networks?

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