Monday, January 02, 2012

NYT: Romney Avoids Iowa Pizza Ranch
Over Founder's Male-on-Male Sex Crimes

I hope everyone had a healthy and happy welcoming of the new years. Mike and I did, and now it's back to politics and blogging.

This is an interesting news nugget, about why Mitt Romney avoids a central gathering spot for candidates and Iowa caucus-goers, from yesterday's New York Times. I wonder if the Romney campaign avoids appearing at any venue where an executive has been convicted of a crime. It's also noteworthy that there is a male-on-male sexual aspect to this info.

From the NYT:

Every candidate for the Republican nomination has campaigned at Pizza Ranch, a beloved restaurant chain in Iowa with strong ties to the Christian right.

Every candidate except Mr. Romney. His campaign prides itself on a vigilance and meticulousness bordering on the obsessive. So before Mr. Romney appears at a campaign stop or accepts an endorsement, his staff conducts sometimes painstaking vetting to avoid potentially embarrassing disclosures.

A founder of Pizza Ranch, it turned out, spent time in prison on charges of sexually abusing male employees. “There is not a lot of room for mistakes,” said David Kochel, Mr. Romney’s top strategist in Iowa.

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