Tuesday, December 20, 2011

S.F.'s Last Working Telephone Booth?

Yesterday was my follow up eye exam at the California Pacific Medical Center over at their Pacific Heights campus. As I walked past the parking lot at Webster and Clay Streets, my eyes noticed the top of a Pacific Bell telephone booth inside the gated lot.

My first thought was that the booth was an empty relic from bygone days, with a two-piece door, but lo there was a working phone inside, a metal shelf and underneath it a recent phone book inside a thick, plastic cover.

Googling for relevant info turned up a February 2008 report and photo at the SFist site about a phone booth on Treasure Island, and June post and picture at the SF Citizen pertaining to a cluster of phones on Market and 6th Streets, but they're of the bare-bones variety without booths.

I'm not sure if the phone booth at Webster and Clay Streets is the last operational one on the streets of San Francisco, so if you know of another, please let me know.

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