Friday, December 16, 2011

Homeless Person Dies on Castro Street;
Sup. Wiener Remains Silent and MIA

I just read this tragic story from yesterday's Bay Area Reporter, which curiously reported nothing about trying to contact Supervisor Scott Wiener or whether he's made a comment about this death on the streets of his district. Just one more example of the BAR not subjecting Wiener to any accountability, who received the paper's endorsement in 2010?

Doubtless, Harvey Milk would not only have spoken up about the death but would have also told the community how he will will help the homeless folks in his district, but Wiener ain't no Milk.

Neither Wiener's Facebook page nor his Twitter feed say one word about this death that happened more than a week ago. The Castro's supervisor does mention several times his dog-walking legislation and his work on that important issue, but nothing about our homeless brothers and sisters living and dying on the district's streets.

If he's said or done anything about the homeless population in our midst and how he's helping them, I missed it.

From the BAR:

A homeless man died in a doorway on Castro Street last week, in the middle of the day.

The San Francisco Medical Examiner's office has identified him as Pedro Villamore Jr., 44. He had no fixed address, and the cause of death hasn't been determined.

His passing, likely not the only one of its kind in San Francisco as the days get colder, came just before National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day, which is Wednesday, December 21.

Villamore's death on Thursday, December 8 also occurred at a time local and state leaders are working to address homelessness, particularly regarding LGBTs, although it is not known how Villamore identified.

San Francisco Police Sergeant Chuck Limbert, the LGBT liaison to Mission Station, said there were no signs of foul play in Villamore's death.

Eddie Lundeen, 44, is one of the owners of Mudpuppy's Tub and Scrub, a dog-washing service at 536 Castro Street, near where Villamore died.

He had seen Villamore in the doorway and had been buying him coffee and food for a couple weeks. Lundeen last saw Villamore alive last Thursday morning.

Thursday night Lundeen hung a sign in the doorway where Villamore died that mentioned the "simple gifts" he'd given the man in the previous weeks.

"My one wish is that I would have taken a moment to get to know him better," the sign read. Lundeen also placed candles and silver Christmas decorations in the spot. ...

Pedro will be remembered tomorrow, Saturday, December 17, at the Occupy the Castro General Assembly that starts at noon at Harvey Milk Plaza. Please join us!

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