Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Will Castro's Rainbow Flag Fly at 
Half-Mast for Late Gay Icon Frank Kameny?

There is simply no denying the importance of Frank Kameny and his tremendous impact on the lives and loving relationships of gay people everywhere.

My friend Bill Wilson and I, as members of Gays Without Borders, have submitted the following request to the president of the group that controls the enormous gay community flag at Castro and Market Streets. We've asked for a quick reply and will share updates as they become available.

If not for Frank Kameny, who? If not now, when for this homo hero?

Dear Steve Adams,

A giant and a legend of the American gay civil rights movement, Frank Kameny, passed away today at the age of 86 at his home in Washington, DC. The invaluable contributions he made over many decades to the nation that benefited lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people both at home and abroad cannot be overstated.

We firmly believe Frank's passing should be honored with a one-day lowering this week of the rainbow flag at Harvey Milk Plaza and we are requesting that the Merchants of Upper Market & Castro agree to fly our community's flag at half-mast as a tribute to him. 

Lowering the flag for Frank's work would show everyone the respect of the neighborhood, the city's at-large and diverse LGBT residents, and the entire San Francisco family for the life and legacy of this courageous man.

It is our hope that MUMC will recognize the importance of Frank in helping America live up to her promise to all her citizens by flying the Castro's rainbow flag at half-mast in his honor.

We ask for a written reply by noon on Wednesday.

Michael Petrelis & Bill Wilson
Gays Without Borders


Joe said...

RIP Frank

Richard said...

It is flying at half-mast, Michael: go take a look

Michael said...

MUMC should send smoke signals and inform folks why the flag is flying this way. there is no info at the base of the flagpole and none at MUMC's site. it's an insult to frank kameny that MUMC refuses to cooperate with others to make the flag lowering an educational tool.