Friday, October 07, 2011

Castro's Gingerfruit Has Closed

It was back in June when I blogged about the opening of a new Asian tapas restaurant and bar named Gingerfruit, on the outer edge of the Castro neighborhood. Last night, I walked past Gingerfruit on Market Street opposite the Safeway supermarket and saw that it was closed.

Though I never ate at the place, I'm sorry to see Gingerfruit go out of business and so quickly too. It joins the recently-shuttered because of bankruptcy Home restaurant at the Market & Church & 14th Streets intersection as a Castro dining spot that couldn't survive.

Let's see if either location soon acquires a new owner and starts serving food and libations again.

FYI, the web site for Gingerfruit is nothing right now but a totally black screen. No message about the shuttering, or thanks to patrons who dined there, or anything. I can't recall ever seeing a site still-live, but offering nothing other than a empty, dark screen. Very odd. Click here to see what I'm talking about.

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