Wednesday, July 06, 2011

EQCA's Champagne Debut of New ED;
Host Committee = PG&E

More elitist crapola from Equality California. There may be a new executive director running the show, but it's the same old same old operation with a group of wealthy gay Democrats aligning our movement with the likes of a public utility and corporations.

It is asking too much of EQCA to announce both a glam booze-driven welcoming soiree for Roland Palencia and a down-home, free, town hall meeting not sponsored by any corporate interests to take place in San Francisco. Nope, EQCA can only do one thing at a time and right now that means installing and crowning our new state leader, who was chosen without a single open meeting to discuss what the grassroots wanted from the new ED.

What we're getting is the roll-out of a new product - Palencia, with all the attendant glossy photos, a glowing bio, upbeat predictions for future successes and adoring fans necessary to launch a new brand.

Sure, the piss queens directing EQCA and their myriad commercial backers should be allowed to have another in their endless series of cocktail receptions, to keep up appearances that all is okay with the gay agenda in California, but what about those of us demanding democratic engagement? When do our needs get addressed by Palencia?

My gut feeling is that we will wait at least three months before Palencia holds an open forum. Until then, we'll have to settle for him appearing at events like this. From an email circulating tonight:

The Boards of Directors of
Equality California and the Equality California Institute
cordially invite you to a champagne toast to
Roland Palencia 
 Equality California's New Executive Director
Tuesday, July 19
5:30 to 7 p.m..
This event will be held at
The Bubble Lounge
714 Montgomery Street
Tip a glass with Roland and other supporters of full equality,
and renew your commitment to our movement.

My commitment to the movement does not any renewing with a glass of the bubbly, downed at a lounge surrounded by fabulously wealthy A-gays and their Democratic Party friends. How about EQCA developing a much-need program of democratic engagement with the grassroots?

More from the invitation:

We welcome you to join our Host Committee at these levels:
Co-Chair: $1,000 | Co-Host: $500 | Friend of Roland: $250
I plan on attending the July 19 reception and witnessing this charade of political engagement. After all, it's free and I can pass on the alcohol, sipping instead on sparkling mineral water.

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