Thursday, April 28, 2011

DEA Bust in the Mission:
'They Have Lots of Guns'

There were at least twenty folks gathered at various spots near South Van Ness and 22nd Street on Tuesday around 4:30 pm, witnessing the exterior elements of the Drug Enforcement Administration bust going down at the building on the south-west corner of the intersection. Two women parked in an SUV asked if I knew what drug was involved in the raid. Nope, not a clue about what or who the agents were searching for.

"They have lots of guns," one woman said. Yeah, the DEA and San Francisco Police Department officers were well-armed and well-armored.

I started snapping pix and the eyeballs of several of the agents zeroed in on my camera. Their body language spoke volumes of stress knowing a camera was on them and their activities. That put me ill-at-ease, so I rode off on my bike after no more than ten-minutes observing the bust from outside.

Haven't seen any coverage about a joint DEA and SFPD raid in the mission earlier this week. Anyone heard anything about arrests or what the search warrants spelled out? Dare I say it? Wondering if this was just a routine bust and why so many guns were on display and ready for shooting.

Here are my pix:

A woman who appeared to be in her 60s speaks to the uniformed and undercover agents, before closing her door. Apologies for the fuzziness.

Duo of gunned-up law enforcement authorities stand guard on the South Van Ness-facing entrance at the apartment(s) being busted.

This police officer is looking toward 22nd Street and his colleagues parked in a van and automobile.

Collection of agents standing guard.

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