Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BF's Love Cures The Flu;
Colin Farrell Helps Too

The flu bug that hit our happy homo home about two weeks ago is finally almost over. Big Mike is doing much better. He started getting well days before I did, and I've been trying to catch up with the healing. His love, and delicious chicken soup with heaps of fresh vegetables, have done much to put me back to normal.

I think one thing that helped me from feeling totally miserable was spending much less time on the web and when I was online, keeping visits to the usual political and news blogs and sites to a minimum.

One site that kept my mind off the flu was Jane Fonda's terrific blog. I've long been a fan of her films and much of her political activism, and when she started blogging, I liked how she opened up her personal and professional worlds, giving me reason to return.

Fonda likes sharing pix of her life and friends, and she recently marked the opening night of the play "33 Variations" down in Los Angeles. Among her pals in the audience and at the play's West Coast premiere party was hunky, dreamboat, super sex symbol Colin Farrell. Here he is sharing a moment with Fonda:

(Farrell and Fonda. Credit: Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging.)

Let's be honest. It's nearly impossible to stay sick when there are new pix of Colin Farrell on the web to look at. Who cares that he's a very confirmed heterosexual? Such fine eye candy transcends all barriers! Now, let's get back to some political blogging.

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