Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Gay WaPo Pundit Capehart

Falls for Fake Congressman

Check this out, for a few laughs, at the expense of a gay political writer, Jonathan Capehart. From the New York Observer:

Jonathan Capehart is an editorial writer for the Washington Post, an MSNBC contributor and a seemingly smart, nice guy. If he is indeed a nice guy, he will probably have to just grin and bear it for a few days after a somewhat ill-conceived blog post made Monday night. In an entry in WaPo's "PostPartisan" weblog, Capehart led with the following:

"Why have the wars cost so much under Obama?" tweeted @RepJackKimble (R-Calif.) at 7:40am on Sept. 2. "Check the budgets, Bush fought 2 wars w/o costing taxpayers a dime." This stunning bit of fiscal ignorance earned him a tart barnyard expletive from @MWJ1231.

Capehart didn't realize that Kimble's ignorance is "stunning" because "Jack Kimble" is a joke Twitter account. A pretty obvious joke at that:

This story is also being reported on over at the Huffington Post.

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Anonymous said...

Another fine example of how the MSM puppets prove day in and out how their superior journalism educations, access to professional resources, and corporate empires' quality controls are continuously out-performing the insignificant blogosphere-based wanna-bes! Anybody ever heard of editorial staff doing source vetting pre-publication? I must be confused...