Friday, April 02, 2010

US Revokes Visas of
Jamaican Hate Singers

I've not seen news of the revocations except in the Jamaican press, and found nothing at the State Department and our embassy in Kingston's web sites, and hope more information is forthcoming from the U.S. about this development.

I would like to know the official reasons behind this decision, and if the homo-hatred preached by the performers had anything to do with it. All we know at this point is that this one Jamaican news outlet claims there is speculation in Kingston that the revocations were gay-related.

From London, one of the leaders in the global movement to put an end to murder music, Brett Lock of OutRage! send his thoughts on the situation:

Although the details behind the decision to revoke the visas of several murder-musicians isn't yet clear, we welcome this development. The singers have been given every opportunity to reject their murderous incitements to attack gays and lesbians and yet few have been willing to turn their backs on violently homophobic lyrics and instead chose to play a cat-and-mouse game with campaigners and promoters. They themselves put gay-hatred first; career second, so we should have no sympathy for them. Any obstacle between them and the lucrative North American market is to be welcomed. If this harms their careers, good! There should be no market for violent bigotry anyway.

Excerpted from the Carib World News site:

The U.S. visas of five top Jamaican reggae singers have been revoked, reports out of Jamaica indicate.

Jamaica media reports say the U.S. visas of reggae`s Bounty Killer, Mavado, Beenie Man, Adonia and selector Ricky Trooper have been cancelled and airlines have reportedly been advised not to allow any of the entertainers on to flights bound for the United States.

So far representatives of the artists have said that they were unaware of the new development. But the Jamaica Star claimed a document obtained stated: `The Embassy of the United States in Kingston, Jamaica, is in the process of revoking the visas of the following citizens of Jamaica.` The names of the artists are listed.

The apparent document also stated: `The people mentioned here currently hold a US visa that we have not yet been able to physically cancel. Do not allow these passengers to board any flights bound for the United States in reliance on this visa.`

No reason was cited for the cancellation leaving many to speculate whether the cancellation relates to gay rights protest against Jamaican dancehall acts or the Jamaica government`s denial of the extradition request for West Kingston strongman, Christopher `Dudus` Coke. [...]


John Morrison said...

I think it would be a very encouraging development if the visas of these vile thugs WERE revoked. Very encouraging indeed.

taylorSiluwé.com ..... said...

It is good news. But only if its for the promotion of the murder of gay people, and not some political game between the US and Jamaica over extradition.

If its the latter, it does nothing for us except, well, let us focus on protesting our own homegrown 'phobes for a minute.