Monday, April 12, 2010

FBI Analyzing Robert Novak's File

I filed a Freedom of Information Act request last summer, with the FBI, after conservative columnist and pundit Robert Novak died. He liked being known as the "Prince of Darkness" and used the moniker as the title for his memoir about his reporting career.

There must be quite an FBI file on him, because the agency needs more time to review his file, and this may be because of sensitive security issues. From the FBI status update:

The purpose of this letter is to advise you of the status of your pending Freedom of Information/ Privacy Acts (FOIPA) request at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Currently your request is being reviewed by an analyst. The analyst will confirm that all records are responsive to your request and apply exemptions allowed under FOIPA. If your request is for sensitive national security information, then records must undergo a systemic declassification review prior to application of FOIPA exemptions. Large requests take the longest time to be processed by an analyst.

Unlike other status updates from the FBI, in which the agency explains how many pages were located and are under review, this reply on Novak gives no indication of number of pages found. This is the first time one of my FOIA requests has generated a letter that mentions national security and a declassification review, for someone who was not a powerful politician.

What's in the FBI on Novak? I'll have to bide my time for an answer.


Anonymous said...

Please file a request for FIA for Rudolf Nureyev. He is much more interesting than Novak. Novak is just a stupid columnist

Michael said...

my friend,

you have left several such messages and i wonder why you don't just google for the subject 'nureyev fbi file'. here are the hits that would be returned:

you, yes YOU, can file a FOIA and get the files on nureyev youself. have you thought of doing that?

since the fbi has already released his file years ago, it's been processed and ready for release.

please send the FOIA today to the fbi.