Monday, July 23, 2007

Video of Iran Hanging Three People, Including a Woman

Words cannot adequately sum up and describe the revulsion I felt watching this horrific video posted over the weekend, and brought to my attention today. It shows three adulterers, including a woman, hoisted to their deaths, as a crowd roars approval.
Some people will criticize me for calling attention to it and linking because it's not "gay" specific, but I'm not a single-issue human rights activist and as an opponent of the death penalty, in all its forms and in every situation, particularly in my country of America, I feel it's necessary to witness how Iran carries out some of its executions.
Click here to read Arash's blog and view the strangulation hanging video, which, I must warn you, is very graphic. From Arash's post:
Hi, this is Arash Kamangir speaking. I am an Iranian student in Canada and English is my second language. This blog is about Iran, as I see it . . . I did not upload this to Youtube because I know they’ll delete it very soon. It is very graphic. This is taken recently in Iran. Do pay attention to people who shout “Allaho-Akbar”, Allah is great. Great is obviously the last word I’ll use for any religion which supports this.


Vigilante said...

This is disgusting. But I will venture to risk further disgust from your other readers by inquiring into the nature of 'crimes' for which these three were sentenced to death. Somehow I feel that issue is part of this story.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
Thanks for fighting the good fight. As you know more than most, this horrific story--and ones like it--unfortunately is not unique in Iran and is not confined to Iran. I agree wholeheartedly that vocal opposition to capital punishment belongs on the short list of every gay man and lesbian. We need to continue to push the dialogue and rachet up awareness. You were always a pain in the ass. Keep it up.
Conyers Thompson, ACT UP NY '88-'90

Michael said...

hi conyers,
nice to hear from you after all these years. i remember you well and fondly. thanks for the words of support and encouragement. the good fight never ends, does it? keep well.