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German Vigil at Anti-Nazi Site for Gay Iran; Italian, French Bloggers Active

(Viktor Zimmerman, of Gay Homeland Foundation, third from the left in white shirt, and Jacek Marjanski, head of Baraka International, fourth from the left, about to address the crowd.)

(Jacek going over his notes, while Viktor make his remarks.)

New reports are coming in from Europe on a few actions, both large and small, on their actions for gay Iranians and against the death penalty. Let's start with comments from Viktor Zimmerman in Cologne, Germany, the key organizer of the event there today who I give much gratitude. There are also plenty of thanks I extend to Herve Lebrun in France for all of his contributions today. Danke! Merci!

From Viktor in Cologne:
"Congratulations to the vigil in San Francisco! I think it is a very good thing you staged it. Somehow even the IGLHRC has issued a last-minute statement about Iran's policy against Gays. Our own vigil was successful as well, some 40 people (mostly activists) attended the event.

"We heard from Jacek Marjanski, the leader of Baraka International, who spoke of the need to work across borders in support of gays all over the planet.

"For August 4, the Global Gay Solidarity Day, we would like to participate, too - but it will be rather a smaller action. I am thinking of visiting the local consulates of Nepal and/or Gambia to hand over a letter to their Governments in support of Gay people living there. This is a very humble action, but most certainly better that nothing at all.

"An excerpt of the rough English translation of my speech at the Cologne vigil:

On this 19 July, we would like to commemorate all those thousands of gay and lesbian victims of the Ayatollah regime. Not all of them were perfect, but all of them have in common that they did not deserve such a barbarian punishment. We want to remember that many lesbians and gays cannot lead their life freely.

In Iran of our days, gay men are entrapped over Internet, arrested by death squads, tortured and murdered. Many commit suicide or subject themselves to unnecessary gender changing surgeries. Lesbians are discriminated against as women and are not allowed to do lead a self-determined life anyway. They must count on punishments of up to 100 whip blows, or face the death penalty if repeatedly indicted.

Iran must terminate the persecution of homosexuals. Those who in the year 2007 punish human beings because of their sexuality with death, have left the family of the civilized mankind. The western countries can and must exercise economical and political pressure on Iran, in order to terminate persecution of homosexuals. Sanctions must be imposed against Iran, until the executions have ceased.

In Italy, some activists get off their butts and applied public pressure on their government's representative in Iran. This is my rough translation of an Italian news article:
A human rights organization sent a letter to Italy's ambassador in Tehran, asking him to express opposition to pending executions in Iran and to remember the two hanged gay Iranian teenagers, on this, the second international "Candle Day" of vigils.
Here is the original story:
Iran, attivisti scrivono all'Ambasciatore italiano per protestare contro le esecuzioni
19/07/2007 di AKI

In una lettera indirizzata a Roberto Toscano, ambasciatore italiano a Teheran, il Gruppo Everyone di attivisti dei diritti umani ha chiesto l'intervento del nostro governo presso quello iraniano per salvare la vita a 20 giovani arrestati di recente nell'ambito della campa di moralizzazione, e condannati a morte con l'accusa di ''atti omosessuali'' o ''molestie a donne'', lo riporta l'agenzia Adn Kronos International. Oggi 19 luglio, in alcune città del mondo si celebra altresì il ''Candle Day'' per ricordare l'impiccagione dei due giovani Mahmoud Asgari e Ayaz Marhoni impiccati dal regime iraniano due anni.

And in France, gay blogger and activist Herve Joseph Lebrun also declared today an international day to light candles for gay Iranians. From his blog:

Aujourd’hui est célébré dans queques villes du monde, le “Candle Day”, le 19 juillet, donc. En mémoire à la pendaison de Mahmoud Asgari et Ayaz Marhoni. Cette commémoration est due en partie à Michael Petrelis.

Les personnes contactées en France (Têtu News) pour diffuser cette formation afin que le communauté LGBT soit informée n’ont rien annoncé.

Pas de relais. La France n’aime pas les bougies ou bien les gays iraniens, ou bien les deux !
Alors si la paraffine vous tente !

Dernière minute : Le site français CitéGay vient de publier l’information : merci Téva, merci à vous !

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