Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gay Eyes Only: Muscle Cub/Iraq War Vet Protester At Gonzales Hearing

As America endures the ever-declining less-than two years remaining on the debacle known as the Bush presidency, and a clown like Gonzales professes the memory of a San Francisco pot head before the US Congress and the country's proud citizens who want their democracy back, it does my queer eye good to have delicious sigh-inducing young men to look at.

The fine furry fella in the pics is Adam and he's from a group called Iraqi Veterans Against the War. Adam caught a few photographers' attention at Gonzales's appearance on Thursday.

From the AP:

This ran in the NYT:

And this is from Code Pink 4 Peace:

It's gonna take many Adams and Steves and Eves to get to January 20, 2009 - the day we inaugurate a new, more competent, American president.

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