Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vice Mayor Kawa Meetings With Homeless Inc's Friedenbach

Looking over Mayor Ed Lee's chief of staff Steve Kawa's calendar for 1/1-1/17/2016, we see that on January 11th he held a followup meeting with Jennifer Friedenbach who's the executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness. Our surprise stems from mistakenly thinking she doesn't have the ear of Kawa to speak into, who's essentially the vice mayor for San Francisco.

Just last week, she penned a column berating the "clusterfuck that is City Hall's approach to handling homeless people in a life-threatening situation" for, a site well-known as the stenography pool for David Campos and progressives.

What does she discuss with Kawa? Her email to him after the meeting sheds light on her agenda, which I wish she had disclosed in her column. We believe she has a responsibility to inform homeless stakeholders of her engagement with Kawa and other City Hall leaders.

Not to give Kawa a free ride on making his engagement with Homeless Inc (and other City stakeholders), so we call upon him to also disclose what plans he's discussing regarding homeless folks and programs.

Friedenbach says she'll be in touch with Kawa's aide to schedule their next meeting. We'd like to know when that is and what's on the agenda, and hope she begins telling stakeholders what she'll be promoting to Kawa and reporting back to us about her ongoing conversations with the vice mayor.

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