Monday, December 22, 2014

'Sony = Censors' Signs for Today's Protest at AMC Metreon

We've got a few signs ready for use at today's speak out against Sony pulling "The Interview" and theatre owners refusing to show it.

Our group, Cineastes Against Censorship, will be at the AMC Metreon cineplex starting at 5 pm and we have signs to display conveying a simple, yet powerful message. This cineplex located at Mission and 4th Streets, was chosen for the picket because it was where "The Interview" was supposed to open this week.

In addition to large signage, we also have several smaller versions of the Sony = Censors placards. We will ask movie-goers to boycott the theatre chains that pulled "The Interview" just over the holiday season, as a form of protest against Hollywood's censorship.

Let's stop North Korea's dictator Kim Jung un from deciding what films we get to see. Please join our picket today!

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