Friday, December 17, 2010

Anti-HRC Soap Box Protest:
Harvey's Camera Shop - Rain or Shine

The Bay Area is getting soaked tonight, with lots more rain promised for the weekend, including tomorrow, but fear not folks who want any of the following important evolutions, listed in no particular order of importance: 1) Joe Solmonese of the Human Rights Campaign must resign; 2) All executives and board members step down; 3) HRC closes up shop; 4) A reckoning with HRC and other Gay Inc groups; 5) Gay liberation and federal protections.

Our promised protest on December 18 at noon at 575 Castro Street, the location of Harvey Milk's old camera shop, will happen regardless of the weather. We have activists ready to speak out against the HRC's move into the shop and myriad other bones of contention with the org, and folks who oppose the sit/lie sidewalk prohibition.

We'll be ready with umbrellas and a tarp for at least a press conference, maybe more activities depending on the crowd and rain. Like Harvey when he wanted to grab a wider audience and used a soap box from which he spoke with his bullhorn, Tommi Avicolli is bringing a soap box tomorrow. And we'll do Harvey one better with the bullhorns. We'll have two. Join us.

And if you haven't signed the Joe must go petition, go here for more info, then endorse the resignation call.

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Will Kohl said...

DYING to hear how it went!