Monday, June 16, 2008

City Hall: Gays, Jews, Jesus,
Commies, Muslims & Heteros

The scene outside San Francisco's City Hall building, the Polk Street side, before, during and after the marriage of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon took place in the mayor's office, was the loving and wacky circus I expected this city to put on for this great leap forward for gay marriage equality. Wouldn't have missed the chance to be a witness and participant for anything, and the opportunity to snap a few photos of the hoopla. Let's go to the photos:

Oy, Jewish lesbians offering cake to a photographer.

One hateful sign rises above the crowd.

Just one of the two dozen anti-gay haters in the
horde of onlookers.

Oh, Mary! Homo Jesus is wandering the streets again!

That's me holding the solidarity sign, in a crush of people surrounding the haters, singing "All You Need is Love."

A gay man offering a rainbow flag to a hater.

Fox News commentator Jim Hammer, center, annoyed I'm taking his photo.

From the Polk Street steps, a view of the crowd.

A member of the Bob Avakian wing of the Communist Party USA, holding the sign promoting atheism.

Pro-peace mom Cindy Sheehan showing support for gays.

The crowd on the lip of Civic Center.

The queer marching band warming up for another number.

Muslim's circled City Hall with this sign on a truck.

Not sure who drove this truck, continually looping around the
Civic Center plaza.


Unknown said...

Kinda sad how terrified of "Teh Gay" those loony christian flag wavers must be.

Those gays holding banners of their own should get bible verses from leviticus about not shaving ones beard and complain that the beardless christian men should "grow it out or burn".

Religion seems to be nothing but an excuse for bigotry sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Mary Cheney strikes again.

DooDahBlue said...

The owner of the truck at the bottom is Ron Brock.

Steeve said...

Holy crap, check out the website of that lunatic in the last image, Beware though, this guy is out of his gourd.

Anonymous said...

Typical Jesus-Freak: sanctimoniously bigoted, while wasting fuel and leaving a tremendous carbon foot-print...

...nay, a carbon ass-print.

Anonymous said...

Typically religious fanatics there are them itself united in the common hate on everything their opinion after by verse. I would not like to know, what makes for some of these pious cranks in such a way in its spare time or in its bedroom. although it would be to be used to know surely as weapon well best greets from Germany